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Book Review : Handbook of Lipids in Human Function, 1st Edition

Review Handbook of Lipids in Human Function, 1st Edition Fatty Acids Publisher AOCS/Elsevier. Release date December 2015         Editor(s): Watson, R.R.  &   De Meester ,F.D. Print Book ISBN :9781630670368 EBook ISBN :9781630670351 Pages: 842 with 29 chapters and 67 contributors. Cost AOCS members $ 165.75 USD Introduction This book sets out to review the current research in human and animal models that define the roles and research status of fatty acids in major areas of health and disease. The areas covered include cardiovascular disease,…

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Oils and Fats News June 2016

Oils and Fats News June 2016 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST AGM and elections At the most enjoyable dinner and AGM held at the Northern Club on the 16th May, the present committee were re-elected. Encouragement was given for people to attend the forthcoming conference in November 2016 in Nelson. Lipid conference latest See the advert and registration details in this issue of NZ food Advert here LIPIDS HALF PAGE PROOF B or this website MCPD update    These are glycerol-based process contaminants found in palm oil, but…

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Oils and Fats News January 2016

Oils and Fats News January 2016 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST   Lipid Seminar Nelson Plans are developing for this focused seminar to take place on November 8-10th 2016 in Nelson. One of our guest speakers will be Dr. Bertrand Matthäus who will speak on both the issue of MCPD esters in oils and also about the growing popularity of virgin canola oil in Europe. He will also be able to summarize any highlights from the conference below. For the Lipid Seminar in November, updates and speakers…

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The AAOCS Student Travel Award

The AAOCS Student Travel Award   The AAOCS Student travel Award 2015-6 PDF version This competitive award from the AAOCS recognises and encourages original research by student AOCS members. (Membership is free for students, so why haven’t you joined already?) To be eligible, the applicant must be an AOCS student member (preferably an AAOCS member) who is currently undertaking a PhD with an accredited University, or be within 1-year of receiving their PhD and have original research to present at the 2016 AOCS Annual Meeting &…

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Oils and Fats News December 2015

{{unknown}}December 2015 Lipid Seminar Nelson This is being planned as a focused 1-2 day event in Nelson in November 2016.There is a lot of misinformation, sensationalist and inaccurate media reporting around lipids and nutraceuticals and we hope to have a seminar that is innovative and provides expert opinion and reviews of current science around the role of fat and other bioactives throughout the human life cycle. The group is currently working with assembling topics and speakers and we have sent out our first preliminary flier…

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Oils and Fats News October 2015

Oils and Fats News October 2015 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST AAOCS seminar in Geelong, September 8-11 This was a well organised, enjoyable event at the Pier in Geelong which was a lovely place for a conference and with great weather too. Dr. Matt Miller of Cawthron Institute and his committee put together a stimulating and topical programme of talks and workshops that delegates found extremely worthwhile. AAOCS will be summarizing the whole conference and putting as many PDF files as are submitted on to the website.…

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