Oils & Fats News June 2007

Omega-3 Supplements There has been a recent market survey of the quality and composition of 29 of the Omega-3 supplements on the New Zealand market carried out by Consumer magazine. They tested the quality of 29 fish oil and fish oil combination supplements from supermarkets, pharmacies and health food stores. They also checked whether the levels of omega-3 in the capsules stacked up to what was claimed on the label. Four products were oxidised above acceptable levels and three of these products were well within…

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Oils & Fats News April 2007

Enjoyable Antioxidants Matt Greenwood of Bell Tea gave a most informative and entertaining talk in Auckland entitled “everything you ever wanted to know about tea”, and it was enough to attract over 40 keen people to an evening seminar at Auckland University.  Despite coffee’s ever growing popularity, tea (both black and green) is enjoying a renaissance.  More and more health and wellness papers are being published on the benefits of tea consumption. Interesterified Fat Spreads An ever increasing majority of soft retail table spreads in…

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Oils & Fats News January/Feb 2007

Trans and Saturated fats in Heart Disease FDA has Authorized a Health Claim for Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Trans Fat, and Reduced Risk of Heart Disease – On November 17, the Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling, and Dietary Supplements of the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition posted on its www site a document, titled “Health Claim Notification for Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Trans Fat, and Reduced Risk of Heart Disease. The following statements are considered authoritative for purposes of this notification ……

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Oils & Fats News October 2006

Functional Lipids Seminar November The programme is all finalised for this event and registrations are beginning to roll in. It looks to be a very full and interesting programme so there will be plenty of updated scientific and commercial information for everyone. The group is offering financial prizes for the student posters as follows First Prize $500 dollars Second and Third Prizes $250 We are also planning to offer financial help to deserving students to attend oils and fats conferences. This will be done on…

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Oils & Fats News August 2006

Trans Fats After over 20 years of controversy, trans fats in food are now being either labelled (USA), banned (Denmark) or evaluated as to their current level of concentration in food and subsequent risk. An in-depth explanation of their structure, their derivation and their effect on cardiovascular health is fairly complicated but in simple terms the following may suffice: Spreads, margarines, biscuits, cake and pastry shortenings rely on a certain significant proportion of solid fats in their composition.  The original solid fats were butter and…

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Oils & Fats News May 2006

A Fishy Tale? Readers of this column will know that this reviewer is extremely interested in the beneficial effects of omega-3 fatty acids and the importance of the correct fatty acid ratios in the diet. Monday March 27th was when the rosy glow surrounding all the good and emerging news about omega-3 fatty acids was dulled somewhat by that most scientific of media channels - The New Zealand Herald. This our favourite daily paper, trumpeted the following headline, “Heart benefits of omega-3 a medical myth, study…

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Oils & Fats News – March 2006

Book Review “The use of Palm Oil in Frying”. By Kurt Berger. Publisher, the Malaysian Palm Oil Production Council .ISBN  983-9191-02-0 This reviewer owes his almost lifetime interest (one may call it obsession) in oils and fats to Kurt Berger. Kurt was many years ago the Chief Chemist of Lyons UK . This was a company involved in corner cafes, ice cream, cakes pastry and many other food businesses. On a first business trip to the UK in 1976 the reviewer was hosted to a…

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Oils & Fats News January 2006

Correspondence on Rice Bran Oil We received interested feedback from Dr Peter Barnes, editor of Lipid Technology, who wrote “The table in the article quotes about 10mg/100g for alpha tocophero in the samples of rice bran oil on the NZ supermarket shelvesl. In an early issue of Lipid Technology (July 1990, Vol 2, No 3, Pages 72-76) Bob Sayers and Robin Saunders quoted 0.02% total tocopherols for refined rice bran oil (20mg/100g).  On the other hand, cereal bran is usually rich in tocotrienols rather than…

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Oils & Fats News October 2005

Rice Bran Oil There has been a lot of publicity about the arrival of a relatively new (to NZ that is) oil on the supermarket shelves.  Rice bran oil is touted as a cold-filtered, vegetable oil that is high in plant sterols and Vitamin E and has the most balanced fatty acid composition imaginable.  Is it really a wonder oil or is it just another refined oil dressed up to imitate natural cold pressed oils? Crude rice bran oil is dark in colour and high…

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Oils & Fats News August 2005

Fabuless Weight Loss Ingredient DSM Food Specialties and Lipid Technologies Provider AB (LTP) have signed an exclusive, worldwide sales and marketing agreement to promote a novel and unique weight management ingredient. Branded as Fabuless by DSM, the new product helps control food intake without the sacrifice and discipline usually associated with dieting and weight control. Developed and marketed as Olibra by LTP, Fabuless triggers the natural appetite control mechanism and suppresses the hunger signals that would normally be sent hours after a meal. Consumers feel more…

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