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Oils and fats Group 2014

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the new look website for the group. We are hoping to stimulate more interest in the field which encompasses more than just straight oils and fats.

We are looking for current credible information on antioxidants, functional foods, nutrition updates and myth destruction.

There is so much rubbish published on the web and in social media that one sometimes despairs about legitimate science messages getting through.

Our role is to try and be a credible source of information for interested people, to link in with other stronger-resourced organisations such as AOCS and to be a resource for students commencing or pursuing their careers in food science and technology.

The website is designed to be interactive and to be enjoyable to use.

Your help in keeping the site modern and up-to date would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and enter the wonderful world of lipids and related functional ingredients.

Laurence Eyres FNZIFST


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