Marine Bioactives workshop (with PDF)

November 10th 2016

Rutherford Hotel, 27 Nile St W, Nelson 7010



(PDFs of presentations can be found next to the title of the talk in green)


A half-day workshop on Marine Lipid Bioactives will be held in Nelson on 10 November following the Lipids, Nutraceuticals and Healthy Diets Throughout the Life Cycle Conference.

The marine environment contains numerous bioactives, some of which are well known and well researched such as Omega 3 oils, while for some like fucoxanthin, the benefits are only beginning to be understood. This half day programme will highlight some recent science around marine lipid bioactives from local and overseas (Japan, France and Australia) researchers. Further, marine biotechnology companies will also be presenting their capabilities at this workshop.  The workshop will be hosted by Cawthron Institute’s Donato Romanazzi and Professor Masashi Hosokawa of Japan’s Hokkaido University as part of the New Zealand/Japan Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP).


Programme for the Marine bioactives workshop

8:50 Prof Colin Barrow (Deakin University- Australia)- The discovery and development of marine bioactives – omega-3 lipids a case study

9:20 Dr Gael Bougaran (Ifremer France) – Improving microalgae species for lipid production

9:35 Dr Josefina Peters-Didier (University of Auckland) – Using confocal microscopy to better understand microalgae lipid and pigment biosynthesis

9:50 Dr Mike Packer (Cawthron Institute) – Optimising the production of the carotenoid fucoxanthin from microalgae and its potential as a functional food ingredient. Packer_LipidBioactives_Nov16

10:05 Jessica Ericson (University of Tasmania)- Utilising innovative fishing technology to investigate the oil and fatty acid composition of Antarctic krill Ericson Antarctic Krill Lipids Presentation

10:20 Morning tea

10:45 Campbell Berry-Kilgour (Seadragon Marine oils) – SeaDragon…..from Squalene to Omega-3

11:00 Glenn Elliot (NuMega Ingredients- Australia)- The increasing demand for DHA

11:15 Charles Hodgson (Pharmalink Extracts Limited)– Commercial Supercritical Extraction of Marine and Terrestrial Bioactives

11:30 Dr Hajime Uchida (National Research Institute of Fisheries Science- Japan) – Rapid detection and identification of furan fatty acids from marine lipids by LC/MS/MS.

11:45 Dawn Scott (Callaghan Innovation)- Natural Sources of Plasmalogens Dawn Scott – Nelson talk – Nov 2016

12:00 Dr Daniel Killien (Plant and Food Research)- Rapid Quantitative Determination of Squalene in Shark Liver Oils by Raman and IR Spectroscopy

Lunch provided

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