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Oils & Fats News April 2007

Enjoyable Antioxidants Matt Greenwood of Bell Tea gave a most informative and entertaining talk in Auckland entitled “everything you ever wanted to know about tea”, and it was enough to attract over 40 keen people to an evening seminar at Auckland University.  Despite coffee’s ever growing popularity, tea (both black and green) is enjoying a renaissance.  More and more health and wellness papers are being published on the benefits of tea consumption. Interesterified Fat Spreads An ever increasing majority of soft retail table spreads in…

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Oils & Fats News January/Feb 2007

Trans and Saturated fats in Heart Disease FDA has Authorized a Health Claim for Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Trans Fat, and Reduced Risk of Heart Disease – On November 17, the Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling, and Dietary Supplements of the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition posted on its www site a document, titled “Health Claim Notification for Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Trans Fat, and Reduced Risk of Heart Disease. The following statements are considered authoritative for purposes of this notification ……

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Oils & Fats News January 2006

Correspondence on Rice Bran Oil We received interested feedback from Dr Peter Barnes, editor of Lipid Technology, who wrote “The table in the article quotes about 10mg/100g for alpha tocophero in the samples of rice bran oil on the NZ supermarket shelvesl. In an early issue of Lipid Technology (July 1990, Vol 2, No 3, Pages 72-76) Bob Sayers and Robin Saunders quoted 0.02% total tocopherols for refined rice bran oil (20mg/100g).  On the other hand, cereal bran is usually rich in tocotrienols rather than…

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Oils & Fats News October 2005

Rice Bran Oil There has been a lot of publicity about the arrival of a relatively new (to NZ that is) oil on the supermarket shelves.  Rice bran oil is touted as a cold-filtered, vegetable oil that is high in plant sterols and Vitamin E and has the most balanced fatty acid composition imaginable.  Is it really a wonder oil or is it just another refined oil dressed up to imitate natural cold pressed oils? Crude rice bran oil is dark in colour and high…

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