Oils & Fats News September 2004

The Culinary Oils Teach-in Workshop This exciting event is scheduled to happen at HortResearch on November 24 th. It’s an all day event which promises to be educational and enjoyable. The top quality food alone is worth the attendance!! Age Related Macular Degeneration This was the topic of recent controversy on Channel 7 in Australia recently. Dr Beaumont, an opthamologist drew an unsubstantiated correlation between this disease and the consumption of vegetable oils.The CSIRO were quick to put out a statement opposing this unscientific conclusion.…

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Oils & Fats News July 2004

Seminar in November (culinary oils) at Hort research Details are being finalized for this interesting seminar in November see details below and registration information. We believe the seminar will be of vital interest to the producers, exporters and users of these modern, boutique and culinary oils. The markets for olive, avocado, flaxseed, pumpkinseed and others is expanding as the world looks to healthier and tastier alternatives to the bulk commodity oils. Update on Omega 3 More and more literature is emerging about the health effects…

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Oils & Fats News May 2004

Annual General Meeting  The AGM in May 2004 at Wolfie’s  Restaurant was as usual a jolly and bacchanalian affair with excellent food.  The present committee was voted in after a liberal infusion of chosen wines by HortResearch personnel.  Geoff Webster was allowed to resign after many years of diligent service and as a penance had to give a farewell speech on twenty years in the oil trade. Professor Cambie broke the tradition of extremely brief and formal meetings (less than one minute) by saying kind…

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Oil & Fat News April 2004

The South Beach Diet Fats and oils have been the villain in terms of poor dietary practice for over 30 years.  Now a new look by a cardiologist, Dr  Agatston,  proposes a pragmatic, logical and common-sense approach to losing weight on a sensible dietary regime. The new villain on the block is dietary carbohydrate.  Not just sucrose but fructose, glucose and simple starches. These compounds have a profound effect on insulin production which stimulates appetite and encourages one to consume more sugar. The book is…

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Oil & Fat News January 2004

Pacific Lipids 2003 (See separate synopsis of papers presented at the conference – MEMBERS ONLY). Niels Krog Obituary Niels Krog is internationally renowned as the scientist who characterized, analysed and identified the key properties of fat based emulsifiers. Niels Krog passed away 5 October 2003 at the age of 74 years  – after more than 43 years of service to Danisco. Niels Krog was an  MSc in Dairy Science and Technology and joined Grindsted (now Danisco) on 1 January 1960. . Niels  was  an important…

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