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Oils and Fats News December 2018

{{unknown}}Oils and Fats News December 2018 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST The World Congress on Oils and Fats will be held in Sydney, Australia from 9-12 February 2020. WCOF20 aims to attract 600+ of the world’s leading exports, academics, researchers, students and commercial supporters in the fields of fats, oils, and lipid research to Sydney. Through an extensive program of concurrent themes including state-of-the-art lectures and supporting in depth reviews, free oral communications, industry exhibits and professional networking opportunities, the Congress is designed to bring together science,…

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Oils and Fats News October 2018

Oils and Fats News October 2018 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST   Replacing EDTA in food Kemin Industries, a leading provider of shelf-life extension and food safety solutions that help manufacturers keep food and beverage products safe, recently introduced NaturFORT™ RSGT, a blend of rosemary, spearmint and green tea plant extracts. The new plant extract solution has been found to provide shelf-life extension in salad dressings and sauces and is a consumer-friendly alternative as manufacturers seek a replacement for previously used products such as Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA).…

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Oils and Fats News August 2018

Oils and Fats News August 2018 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST Reducing sample testing times for 3-MCPD and glycidol analysis Two contaminants in processed oils that are coming under greater scrutiny are 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) and glycidol esters (GE). These compounds are formed in oil when refined at high temperatures (>150oC). Refining is necessary for food oils to ensure safety and palatability. Unfortunately, it also can trigger the formation of 3-MCPD and GE which have been found to have harmful carcinogenic and mutagenic effects. The European Food Safety…

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Oils and Fats News May June 2018

{{unknown}}Oils and Fats News May June 2018 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST AGM 2018 An enjoyable dinner and networking between members took place at the Auckland Northern club in May, where after a long debate the current committee were all re-elected. Dr. Matt Miller, President of AAOCS encouraged all to keep an eye on the upcoming lipid conference in Sydney in 2020. More news in future issues. New research proves that EVOO is the safest and most stable oil to cook with. This is an example of…

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fatty acids book

Fatty Acids: Book Review Laurence Eyres

Fatty Acids: Book Review Laurence Eyres FNZIFST April 2018 Fatty Acids: Chemistry, Synthesis and Applications AOCS Price $175.00 USD from Elsevier (AOCS) or Amazon Same price for the electronic version. ISBN 978-0-12-809521-8 Key Features of the book The book has 600 pages consisting of detailed chemistry with 18 chapters by 43 total contributors. The editor is a very experienced Chemist (FRRSC) with experience in academia at Texas A&M and more recently with Jina Pharmaceuticals. Includes recent developments in the synthesis of fatty acid derivatives, as…

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Oils and Fats News March/April 2018

{{unknown}}Oils and Fats News March/April 2018 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST 2018 AGM The AGM and social dinner   This will be held at the Northern Club on the 14th May. Full details will be sent to anyone interested in attending. Coconut oil sales declining Increased competition contributed to a 25.9% decline in multi-outlet US sales of coconut oil, with a 16.1% drop in the natural channel, according to recent sales data in the USA. Negative press surrounding a 2017 American Heart Association advisory that warned against…

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Oils and Fats News February 2018

Oils and Fats News February 2018 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST   Dr. Albert Dijkstra and Inform connect. Inform connect is published by AOCS and was the result of a proposal by Dr. Albert Dijkstra, a multi-talented scientist who has predominantly worked in industry. Dr Dijkstra suggested the now well-used forum during his presentation when he received a medal for his work in lipids.  This was at the 100th birthday celebration of Michel Chevreul (1786-1889), a major pioneer of fatty acid chemistry. Some of Albert’s original ideas…

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Oils and Fats News December 2017

Oils and Fats News December 2017 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST AAOCS (Barossa)-Summary by Matt Miller We had four keynote speakers this year, covering our conference themes as well as the omega-3 market trends. Kent Chapman, who leads the Centre for Plant Lipid Research at the University of North Texas presented his work in applied aspects of plant lipid metabolism. The lipid mapping work he has done was inspiring and a novel way to elucidate the complex biochemistry in plants and seeds. Peter Meikle who leads the…

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Oils and Fats News October 2017

{{unknown}}Oils and Fats News October 2017 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST AAOCS Seminar Barossa Valley September 11th This turned out to be a full and comprehensive four-day technical seminar. The weather was cold and wet but did little to dampen the spirits of all 90 plus who attended. We had a good kiwi contingent (see photo) and several of them made significant contributions to the programme. A very interesting presentation on the NZ aid programme in Kenya by Plant and Food Scientist, Alan Woolf was both original…

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Oils and Fats News May/June 2017

Oils and Fats News May/June 2017 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST AGM and elections At our recent convivial AGM/dinner at the Northern Club, the committee were re-elected with the addition of Jing Zhou of New Image Ltd.  For Oils and Fats Group     MCPD seminar in Germany The German Society of Fat Science in cooperation with two German associations is organizing a symposium on 3-MCPD and glycidyl esters. You will find further information on The symposium will be held in English language and should give…

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