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Image CALDER PhilipPhilip Calder is Professor of Nutritional Immunology within the Human Development and Health Academic Unit of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton, Southampton, UK. He has broad interests in nutritional modulation of immunity, inflammation and cardiometabolic disease risk. Much of his work has been devoted to exploring the metabolism and functionality of fatty acids with an emphasis on the roles of omega-3 fatty acids. Professor Calder has received a number of prizes and awards for his research work. He has served on many committees of professional societies and was for three years President of the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (2009-2012). He is currently Chair of the Scientific Committee of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism and President-Elect of the (UK) Nutrition Society. Professor Calder was Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Nutrition from 2006 to 2013 and he is currently an Associate Editor of Clinical Science, of Journal of Nutrition, of Clinical Nutrition, of Lipids, and of Nutrition Research. He is a member of the several other Editorial Boards of journals in the nutrition, clinical science and lipidology fields. Professor Calder is currently Chair of two ILSI Europe Expert Groups and serves on the ILSI Europe Scientific Advisory Committee. He has published over 500 scientific articles, is listed as a Highly Cited Researcher, and is a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Biology and the Association for Nutrition.

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Prof Peter Clifton is a high-profile clinical and nutrition researcher for more than 20 years. While he was at CSIRO, he co-authored The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet books. His primary research interest is the use of diet in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors: obesity and diabetes. Peter has a clinical practice specialising in lipid management at the Flinders Medical Centre, and in diabetes and cardiovascular disease at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He has written articles for newspapers and medical magazines, discussion papers for food companies and books for the public. He is on the editorial board of four journals, a reviewer for 20 others and a reviewer for grant bodies in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel and Austria. He is Professor of Nutrition at the University of South Australia.

Bertrand Matthäus

Bertrand Matthäus runs a laboratory at the Max Rubner-Institut (MRI), Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food, in the Department of Lipid Research of the German Federal Ministry of Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. He conducts research dealing with the improvement of the quality of fats and oils, especially canola oil. His work focuses on the investigation of frying processes; contaminants such as 3-MCPD esters, acrylamide, phthalates and 4-hydroxy-2-trans-nonenal; and the investigation of the oxidation of edible fats and oils.


Dr Peter Nichols leads new initiatives with signature lipid technology and environmental applications, and on marine oils, with particular emphasis on omega-3 oils.  The latter research involves detailed characterization of fish-derived and novel microbial oils, process development for the utilization of oils, development as part of a wider CSIRO team of novel land plant sources of long-chain omega-3 oils, and transfer and application of these know-how to industry and the wider community. This research has led to better utilisation of substantial national fisheries resources and wastes, and to new oilseed crops.  He has contributed to the development of the Australian marine oils industry, with CSIRO research resulting in novel national and international marine oil products (wax ester, omega-3 and shark liver oils).  Other innovations have been the development and use of unique chemical (lipid) signatures in microbial ecology, environmental (e.g., fecal pollution) and food-chain studies, and new discoveries and applications in marine microbial biotechnology.  He has worked closely with a number of Australian and overseas universities including actively supervising and mentoring postgraduate students, with over 30 PhDs awarded by 2016. International collaboration has occurred across these research fields, including sponsoring sabbaticals and visits by overseas scholars. He serves on a number of committees and working groups, including as a Scientific Advisor to the Australian and New Zealand based Omega-3 Centre.


Masashi Hosokawa (Ph. D)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University

Hokkaido, Japan

Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University, 3-1-1 Minato, Hakodate 041-8611, Japan

1986-1990     Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University.

1990-1992     Master course, Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University.

1992-2000     Assistant Professor, Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University.

1996               Ph. D (Fisheries Science, Hokkaido University).

2000 to date   Associate Professor, Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University.

2001-2002      Oversea Research Scientist, The United States Department of Agriculture, ARS, NUAUR

Matt Miller

Dr Matt Miller is a lipid chemist working for the Cawthron institute in Nelson, NZ. Dr Miller has over a decade of research experience and over 30 publications looking into the chemistry and novel sources of marine oils, in particular omega 3. Dr Miller received his PhD at the Uni of Tasmania (UTAS) with collaboration from the CSIRO Food Futures Flagship in 2007. His thesis was awarded a Dean Commendation prize and he was part of the team awarded the 2010 CSIRO medal for research achievement. Matt’s research interests include sustainable sources of omega 3 oil, lipid chemistry, regiospecific analysis, oxidation of nutritional oils, as well as micro algal sources of oil. Dr Miller is the president of the Australasian section of the American Oil Chemist Society (AAOCS) and is a member of the NZ fats and oil group. Dr Miller leads the research program “Musseling up the Greenshell™ mussel industry” which is a part of NZ’s High value nutrition science challenge

David Cameron-Smith

Professor David Cameron-Smith was appointed Establishment Director to High Value Nutrition, a New Zealand National Science Challenge in June 2014.  This Centre is a 10 year program aiming to add value to NZ food and beverage exports through validated health claims.   Since 2011 he has been Chair in Nutrition, Liggins Institute and University of Auckland.  His appointment was part of a University of Auckland’s strategic initiative in Food and Health. He leads a team that undertakes clinical studies detailing digestive, inflammatory and muscle regulatory mechanisms. He has authored over 170 scientific publications, supervised 21 PhD students and been awarded numerous public and commercial grants.

KAren M

Dr Karen Murphy  is a Senior Research Fellow and Dietitian. Her research goal is to understand and scientifically substantiate the impact of dietary patterns, namely the Mediterranean diet, healthy foods (dairy foods, tea) and bioactive nutrients (flavonoids, antioxidants, omega-3) on cardiometabolic health and cognitive performance through randomised-controlled dietary intervention trials. She has consolidated her research into studying the Mediterranean diet which contains a range of healthy foods and bioactive nutrients on cardiovascular risk and cognitive performance. She has extensive experience in administering clinical trials, particularly assessment of dietary intake, body composition, cardiovascular health, biochemical analyses and more recently cognitive performance and psychological wellbeing in collaboration with the School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy at the University of South Australia. She is currently leading four dietary intervention trials on dietary patterns and cardiovascular and cognitive health, one of which is a NHMRC funded trial investigating the effect of a Mediterranean dietary pattern on cardiovascular health and cognitive performance in older Australians. Karen is 8 years post PhD (3 career disruptions). She is a previous NHMRC Research Fellow, has over 50 articles and reports with >1500 citations, and is a recipient of 24 research and travel awards one of which is the prestigious South Australian Young Tall Poppy Science Award (2009).


Lucky Inturrisi is Technical Services Director for Cargill Refined Oils Asia Pacific.  He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from Monash University, Australia and a MBA from Deakin University, Australia.  Lucky’s experience in fats and oils extends over 30 years, working in a variety of roles including: Process and Project Engineering, Operations and Technology Management, Product Development and Technical Services. He has had the opportunity to interact with many well-known global customers in the food industry such as: PepsiCo/Fritolay, Campbell’s / Arnott’s, Masterfoods, Nestle, Sara Lee, McDonald’s, KFC, Fererro, Simplot, McCain, Kraft and Krispy Kreme. Lucky has been a member of American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) for 30 years; 15 years as a member of the local Australasian executive, including a term as President. He has also been involved in organising a number of fats and oils conferences and symposiums, including several Biennial AAOCS Meetings, the World Congress and Expo on Oils and Fats that was held in Sydney in 2009 and the International Plant Lipid Symposium held in Cairns in 2010, Frying, Lipid Oxidation and Margarine Workshops. Lucky has authored two book chapters in “Australasian Handbook of Lipids” and “AOCS Sunflower: Chemistry, Production, Processing, and Utilization.”

A Rowan

Angela Rowan is currently the General Manager for Nutrition, in Fonterra’s Global R&D group. She leads a team of nutritionists and nutrition scientists supporting product innovation activities, managing nutrition and health research programmes and developing Fonterra’s nutrition identity. Prior to that, she was the Programme Manager Nutrition and Health with responsibility to lead Fonterra’s corporate nutrition activities and management of the Dairy PGP nutrition research theme including external research relationships. Previous roles held in Fonterra include maternal and paediatric nutrition for the Asian consumer business, R&D portfolio management, and NPD project management. Angela is a registered nutritionist, represents NZ on the International Union of Nutritional Sciences, is a member of the International Dairy Federation Standing Committee for Nutrition and Health, is a past President of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand, and has worked in or for the dairy industry for over 25 years, including as an independent nutrition consultant

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