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Oils and Fats News August 2011

AGM and the New Committee A convivial, yet somewhat formal annual dinner was held at the Northern Club. After generous servings of wine the AGM voted in the existing Chairman and committee for another year.  We welcome Anny Dentener as a new committee member. Note our new website address: www.oilsfats.org The New Australian Standard for Olive Oil Publication Number            :            AS 5264-2011 Title:                                        Olive Oils and Olive-Pomace Oils Publishing Date:               20th July 2011 The Australian Olive Association welcomed the standards, with President…

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Oils and Fats News September 2009

New Treasurer The group has a new treasurer following the resignation of Shane Lal. She is Dr. Sally Xiong, a postdoctoral research fellow at Auckland University. Sally’s research interests lie in natural products structure and biochemical efficacy in humans. Palm Oil Issues Both the Auckland Zoo and an Australian Zoo took steps in recent months to ban products with palm oil which included Cadbury’s chocolate containing vegetable fat (presumed to be palm oil). However on the 17th August 2009 it was reported that Cadbury had…

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Oils and Fats News October 2008

TACKLING FATTY FOODS WINS SCIENTIST A VICTORIA FELLOWSHIP Honour for Dr Amy Richards- an Invited Speaker at the Functional Foods Conference-we wish her our congratulations Dr Amy Richards is tackling one of the big challenges for the food industry – working out how to replace bad fats with good fats to develop healthier food products. And with Australia surpassing all other countries with respect to obesity levels, Dr Richards’ research into fats and oils has never been so important. The CSIRO postdoctoral fellow based at…

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Oils and Fats News February/March 2008

The inventor of the omega-3 development (Adapted from Nutraingredients newsletter) – It all started with a trip to Greenland in 1970. Three Danes, a couple of dogsleds, and several years of study later and the omega-3 phenomenon was born. Since then, awareness and understanding of marine omega-3 has sky-rocketed. Dr. Dyerberg holds a unique place in nutritional research. As a young doctor, curious about the Inuit’s high fat diet and low incidence of heart disease – and attracted by the opportunity to dog sled over…

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