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Program (PDFs of presentations can be found next to the title of the talk in green)

Program – Lipids, nutraceuticals and healthy diets throughout the life cycle, Conference NZ – 9 Nov 2016 Please click on the previous link for a printable flyer

Welcome reception 

November 8th 2016 530 -730pm

Cawthron Institute 98 Halifax St, Nelson.  Drinks and finger food provided. 


Conference at Rutherford Hotel (27 Nile Street, Nelson)

November 9th 2016 8:00-18:00 

Session one Lipids and early life

8:30  Prof Maria Makrides (University of Adelaide) – Maternal and Infant nutrition-Omega-3 fats and prematurity prevention

9:00 Bodil Granroth (Commercial Product Manager at AAK/ Advanced Lipids) – Lipids in infant formula and onwards Lipids in Infant Nutrition and onwards 20161109

9:20 Angela Rowan (General Manager Nutrition at Fonterra) – Dairy Lipids for Health A Rowan Dairy fats and and minor lipids for health_Nelson Lipids Nov 2016

9:40 Dr Elizabeth Forbs-Blom (Malaghan Institute of Medical Research)– Determining the efficacy of healthy food ingredients from shellfish and algae to reduce the risk of developing food allergy Forbes-Blom_Lipids and oils_Nov16

Session two Healthy eating

10:30 Prof Philip Calder (University of Southampton) – Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and health: Past, present and future 511 Calder EJLST 521 Calder BBA Calder_Nelson New Zealand_November 2016

11:00 Prof Peter Clifton (University of South Australia) – Update on the lipid hypothesis of atherosclerosis PeterClifton

11:30 Prof Masashi Hosokawa (Hokkaido University) – Anti-obesity and anti-diabetic effects of fucoxanthin through regulation of metabolic control factors

11:50 Prof. Lynnette R Ferguson (Auckland University) – Long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, inflammation and disease: should we be taking a supplement Ferguson

12:05 Prof Weili Li (University of Chester)- Digestibility of algal oil nanoemusion in in vitro testing

Session 3 Nutrient supply, quality and security

13:15 Dr Peter Nichols (CSIRO) – Long-chain Omega-3 Oils: Past, present and future sources, production, quality, analyses and developing science 2016 NZ Oils – Nelson Symposium – P Nichols – November 9

13:45 Dr Betrand Matthaus (Max Rubner-Institute) – Strategies to reduce the formation of 3-MCPD and glycidyl ester during oil processing.

14:15 Lalen Dogan (DSM) – The supply, demand and sustainability of omega-3 oil sources.

14:30 Dr Rahau Shirazi (Callaghan Innovation)- Nano-vehicles in nutraceutical delivery Presentation Rahau Shirazi Nelson November 2016

14:45 Dr Laurence Eyres/ Michael Eyres (ECG) – Healthy dietary fibers  from the South Island of NZ Blackcurrant and Flaxseed Fibres title slide

15:00 Lucky Inturrisi (Cargill) – Future of edible oils in the food industry

15:15 Assc Prof Siew-Young Quek (University of Auckland) – Co-encapsulation of lipophilic bioactives as functional ingredients

Session 4 Lipids and nutrition for elderly living

15:50 Prof Manfred Eggersdorfer (University Medical Center Groningen & DSM) – Vitamin D – perspectives in human health 2016 11 15 Vitamin D New Zealand Eggersdorfer

16:20 Dr Karen Murphy (University of South Australia) – Health benefits of a Mediterranean diet: can it reduce dementia risk?

16:40 Prof David Cameron Smith (Auckland Uni/Liggins Institute) – Fats and lipid bioactives to quench the fire (inflammation) Cameron-Smith BioactiveLipids

17:00 Dr Matt Miller (Cawthron Institute) – Musseling up the Greenshell™ mussel industry Matt Miller Musseling up NZ fats and oils Nov 2016

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18:30 The conference dinner will be held at the Boat House ($80 pp 326 Wakefield Quay)


November 10th 2016 Workshop on marine bioactives (Additional cost of $120 +GST)

Rutherford Hotel, 27 Nile St W, Nelson 7010

Workshop on will be around marine extracts and health. It will be a public forum for Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP). It will include international and local speakers. Programme/speakers are in the link below

More info here 

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