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Fatty Acids: Book Review Laurence Eyres

Fatty Acids: Book Review Laurence Eyres FNZIFST April 2018 Fatty Acids: Chemistry, Synthesis and Applications AOCS Price $175.00 USD from Elsevier (AOCS) or Amazon Same price for the electronic version. ISBN 978-0-12-809521-8 Key Features of the book The book has 600 pages consisting of detailed chemistry with 18 chapters by 43 total contributors. The editor is a very experienced Chemist (FRRSC) with experience in academia at Texas A&M and more recently with Jina Pharmaceuticals. Includes recent developments in the synthesis of fatty acid derivatives, as…

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Oils and Fats News March/April 2018

{{unknown}}Oils and Fats News March/April 2018 Laurence Eyres FNZIFST 2018 AGM The AGM and social dinner   This will be held at the Northern Club on the 14th May. Full details will be sent to anyone interested in attending. Coconut oil sales declining Increased competition contributed to a 25.9% decline in multi-outlet US sales of coconut oil, with a 16.1% drop in the natural channel, according to recent sales data in the USA. Negative press surrounding a 2017 American Heart Association advisory that warned against…

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