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Oils and Fats News February/March 2009

Olive oil in NZ reviewed by Consumer magazine (Synopsis of their article) You can pay top dollar for extra-virgin olive oil. But the best indicator of a good oil is freshness – the top oils in  Consumer’s tasting were pressed this year. Extra-virgin olive oil is produced without heat or chemicals. The International Olive Council (IOC) says that extra-virgin oil must meet certain analytical criteria and be free of defects when the oil is tasted by a sensory panel trained to IOC standards. We were…

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Oils and Fats News October 2008

TACKLING FATTY FOODS WINS SCIENTIST A VICTORIA FELLOWSHIP Honour for Dr Amy Richards- an Invited Speaker at the Functional Foods Conference-we wish her our congratulations Dr Amy Richards is tackling one of the big challenges for the food industry – working out how to replace bad fats with good fats to develop healthier food products. And with Australia surpassing all other countries with respect to obesity levels, Dr Richards’ research into fats and oils has never been so important. The CSIRO postdoctoral fellow based at…

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Oils & Fats News – March 2006

Book Review “The use of Palm Oil in Frying”. By Kurt Berger. Publisher, the Malaysian Palm Oil Production Council .ISBN  983-9191-02-0 This reviewer owes his almost lifetime interest (one may call it obsession) in oils and fats to Kurt Berger. Kurt was many years ago the Chief Chemist of Lyons UK . This was a company involved in corner cafes, ice cream, cakes pastry and many other food businesses. On a first business trip to the UK in 1976 the reviewer was hosted to a…

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