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Oils and Fats News August 2010

The group’s AGM and annual social dinner is being planned for Tuesday August 17th at a local Mt. Eden Restaurant (Cazador). This is not a typical bureaucratic meeting but is intended as a social mixer for anybody, their friends, and colleagues and partners who are vaguely interested in the oily stuff. There will be a notice sent out to members of the group. Contact eyresy@gmail.com Standard for Olive Oil Standards Australia is working on an overall Australian standard for all grades of olive oil. The…

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Oils and Fats News February/March 2008

The inventor of the omega-3 development (Adapted from Nutraingredients newsletter) – It all started with a trip to Greenland in 1970. Three Danes, a couple of dogsleds, and several years of study later and the omega-3 phenomenon was born. Since then, awareness and understanding of marine omega-3 has sky-rocketed. Dr. Dyerberg holds a unique place in nutritional research. As a young doctor, curious about the Inuit’s high fat diet and low incidence of heart disease – and attracted by the opportunity to dog sled over…

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